Pastor John

John Graves
John was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.  He grew up in a Christian home and gave his life to Christ at a youth camp at the age of 12. He was very involved in church throughout his teen years but really started to grow while studying engineering at the University of New Mexico, which is where he met his wife Tina.  After graduation, John began his career as a software engineer with a large telephone company in Colorado.  In 1999, he was given the opportunity to move his family to Europe to establish a new branch office.  It was a time of great professional satisfaction but with little or no spiritual growth.  After returning to Colorado in 2001, he worshiped at Rocky Mountain Calvary in Colorado Springs.  The simplicity of teaching, relationship-versus-religion focus, and the genuine love for Jesus Christ he found there was like a refreshing drink of cool water after a long stay in the desert.Over the next five years, John was involved in multiple church ministries and began to teach various Bible studies.  During a business trip to Sydney, Australia, he felt a strong call on his life to move there and begin a Bible study.  He and his wife started a Bible study in their home in December 2006 which eventually grew to become Calvary Chapel Epping.  In 2011, John received an ordination from his home church in Colorado and became officially affiliated with Calvary Chapel.John continues to work full-time for a local technology company where God allows him to be used to teach Bible studies and share the gospel.  He also teaches a Bible study at Macquarie University each week. John and Tina have had three children.  Their first daughter, Eden was born in 2009 but died seven days later due to a chromosome abnormality.  Their second daughter, Selah, passed away before she was born in 2010.  In January of 2012, they had a healthy son, Silas, who is currently keeping them very busy.